Monday, May 18, 2009

Sailing with Everyone

One of the biggest joys we get at Paragon Sailing Charters is meeting all the incredible passengers who take our tours.  Over the years, we have met all types of people, from all walks of life.  There have been the youngest of children, and the most senior of citizens.  We have sailed with paraplegics, stroke victims, disabled people of all ages.  We have shared our passion for sailing with people from India, Italy, Canada and Mexico.  From France, South Africa, and China.  To this date, we have sailed with people from over 100 countries!

It's always nice to hear back from our passengers over the years.  Just recently, we had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Karl Terp from San Diego, California, who took the time to send us his comments about his recent trip to Lana'i:

"I just wanted to let you know I had an excellent time sailing and snorkeling last week.  You should know that I have done jeep excursions in Puerto Vallarta, Manzanillo, and Cozumel; taken dune buggy excursions in Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan, and done snorkeling excursions in Cancun & Cabo San Lucas. But your sailing/snorkeling excursion to Lana'i from Lahaina eclipsed them all.  I have never had a better time on an excursion.  Not only was the snorkeling great, but the sail back to Lahaina was an experience I'll never forget.  Sailing at 12 to 18 knots while the boat bucked like a bronco as whales and dolphins breached and played -- singing praises to the Lord -- was an awesome experience.  Captain Ray and his beautiful first mates -- the terrific Tanya & lovely Lacey -- were very hospitable, helpful and friendly.  The small group of us all had a great time.  I really appreciated your ingenuity getting me in and out of the water using the bow-mans chair.  The whole operation went better than I had ever dreamed and everyone's help was truly appreciated.  

Also, the very fact that you did not shy away from the challenge of accommodating me speaks most highly of the quality and thoughtfulness of you and your company.  The fact you even considered the challenge of accommodating me -- boarding me, getting me in & out of the water and assisting me during the sail -- sets you way ahead of most tour outfits that just want to cram as many people as possible on a boat with no thought of people with a disability.  

Please maintain your accessible, can-do approach.  I speak highly and often about your outfit to those I know and meet -- able-bodied or otherwise -- about your outfit and recommend it as a must-do on Maui.......Thanks again and God bless".

It's letters like this that inspire all of us at Paragon Sailing Charters.  And Mr. Terp is right.  Able bodied or not, every one of our passengers brings us the joy that we have built Paragon Sailing Charters around.  Our passion for sailing, our love of Maui, and the daily thrill of meeting all people drives us each day to be the best we can be.  And everyone deserves a wonderful time on the water, in the water, and near the water.  Especially on their Maui vacation, especially with Paragon Sailing Charters. for reservation information.

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